How We Started

Buchanan Interiors was created by Bailey Buchanan. Bailey is building off a foundation of knowledge from many years of diversified experience within the Interior Design, Home-building, Renovation, and Construction trades of Texas. Bailey grew up the daughter of a custom home builder and an interior designer, making design-build homes the very foundation for her present work as an accredited Interior Designer. Being surrounded by the high-end custom home building process led to an inspired education in Interior Design at one of the most accredited interior design programs in Texas, and then to a variety of design experiences with many different builders and contractors. 



Buchanan Interiors is a small interior design company in Dallas, TX. Buchanan Interiors specializes in space planning, material and finishes selection, to full furnishing and decoration of spaces. Bailey, the owner and founder of Buchanan Interiors, has a passion for interior design and it’s extremely evident and reflective in her work. Buchanan Interiors intertwines warm traditional hues, with sleek and modern finishes, to create spaces that will are inviting with elements of sentiment and feelings of ‘home’, yet are forward-thinking with new ideas in modern architecture and design. By mixing in natural materials into every aspect of the design, one could say, it elevates the look and feel of modern architecture, by giving the space an organic-modern quality. The style of Buchanan Interiors is therefore, a fusion of warm and organic traditional elements, with overt modern ideas and finishes. This style thrives with muted organic tones, subtle patterns, layered natural materials, contrast between wood tones and metals, and a general neutrality and cohesion amongst connecting spaces. 

Bailey Buchanan Interior Designer