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Bedroom on a Budget

Updated: Feb 7

Do you have a bedroom in your home that needs a quick makeover but aren't sure where to start, and don't want to spend a fortune to redesign it? Sometimes, all you need is a quick bedroom refresh, and at an affordable price. Say you have some family events coming up and want to make sure your guest bedroom or primary bedroom looks complete and stylish. This just might be the perfect bedroom makeover starter kit for you.

I went ahead and put together a VERY affordable, classy, stylish, and timeless bedroom design for just $2,000!

PS: This design assumes you already have a mattress, box spring, basic metal bedframe, and sheets. This design also does not include a direct link to a comforter or quilt as it is personal preference - However, we recommend neutral white / linen colors for the quilt and or comforter layers. The design recommends three 22"x22" Decorative square pillows, with 24"x24" pillow inserts. Also, if you have a Queen bed, opt for an 8x10 rug.. and if you have a king bed, opt for a 9x12 rug, if they fit within your bedroom space. This design is also very easy to swap out simple items to customize the design to your liking, for example; you can easily switch out the throw pillows or seafoam gray-blue lumbar pillow for another color or style that suits your personal aesthetic!

I linked everything in the blog post below!


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