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The Guide to Bedding (“Save vs Splurge” edition)

There are truly some items throughout a home that you want to choose carefully, and properly invest in better quality, and bedding is one of them. Bedding gets so much usage, and wear and tear, so you want your investment to last. If you buy GOOD bedding, your investment typically lasts longer and you don't have to repurchase throughout the years as often.

As a designer, I consider many factors when it comes to selecting bedding. There is comfort, quality (how long does it last and hold up over time), temperature regulating, lightweightness / heaviness, look, feel, and price.

You want your bedding to last over time since it is used every single day, and you want to be comfortable. Your bed affects your sleep and therefore affects your daily life.

Also, many people want a 'high end' designer look to their bedding, and many people also want their bedroom to feel like a calming sanctuary. I can't tell you how often I have clients request a 'hotel' essence to their bedroom. I think this is because everyone loves the plush feel of a bed at a high quality hotel. The clean lines, the cooling and fluffy duvet, and the many many squishable pillows. After all, the bedroom is a place that should feel relaxing. I honestly believe a well layered bed can make a simple bedroom feel 'designer' and high-end.

I am going to give you my personal take on which items to invest in, and which items can be found at a good price - That way you don't break the bank, and you still get cozy bedding and a 'designer' look too! Here is my breakdown on "save vs splurge" when it comes to your bedding!


Ok, I know there are some great Amazon sheets out there, and I have even ordered some where I opened the package and was pleasantly surprised by the softness of the sheets, but none of them had the exact cooling and softness quality that I was looking for. And even if they feel soft and cool, I can't attest to how long they last after everyday use overtime and washing them every week.

I personally like to buy a sateen sheet set for that high end hotel feel, but for extra cooling you can also get eucalyptus or bamboo viscose. The good ones I have found range anywhere from $130-$200

Here are some of my favorites below:

SPLURGE: Duvet Insert/Cover

Yes there are also good options on Amazon but I still love the high end ones more and I do think they feel different, and last longer. The same sources for the sheets are where I get duvet inserts and covers! I like to get a bundle of sheets, duvet insert, and duvet cover from Brooklinen!

SAVE: Pillow Inserts

I'll keep this one short and sweet for y'all! I found my favorite pillow inserts off of Amazon and they create the most plush and designer look and feel to every bed. Here's a tip: when it comes to decorative pillow covers and decorative shams, always size up one size for your pillow inserts. For example, say you're buying a 22x22 pillow cover. You'd buy a 24x24 insert. That way there is no gapping and it's a super thick and plush pillow! Works like a charm. And all designers do it. Trust me!

Here's my favorite pillow insert below (for decorative pillows)

"Pillowflex" from Amazon

SAVE: Quilt and/or Throw blankets

Every bed that I style, I do multiple layers and one of those layers is a quilt and/or a throw blanket. Many times, I do a quilt over the sheets layer, then the duvet (and I fold the duvet down so you can see the quilt underneath), and a thin throw blanket at the bottom of the bed. I always find the cutest quilts at Homegoods and TJ Max/Marshall's. And after a few washes, all quilts feel the same. Quilts seem to get better with each wash, and they can be cheap. They are just an underlayer. Same for throw blankets, they can be super affordable, and I personally would not buy a throw blanket over $100.

SPLURGE: Decorative pillow covers

THIS is what will make your bed look high end. I feel like a snob when it comes to decorative pillows but I swear by it when it comes to pulling in pattern and dimension to the room. I love pillow cover sites such as

•One Affirmation

•Wheaton Whaley Home

•23rd by Deanne


I hope this helps you make a bed like a designer, and get that high end look AND feel that you've always wanted for your bed! Thank me later! 🤍


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